About pneuPower


The standard air compressor is assembled from four major components:

- Drive motor (gasoline or electric),

- Compressor pump,

- Storage tank,

- Control circuitry.

The pneuPower air compressor has been designed around these four components, separating and organizing each component into a more efficient package.

The drive motor and control circuitry have been packaged into one module: the pneuPower compressor. The storage tank has been designed for portability with added features controlling the air pressure at the work place. An added additional component is the ReCoiler which bridges the compressor with the Air Station. The overall concept has been to increase efficiency and control air pressure at the work place.

To make the best choice when selecting a compressor, it is vital to understand the difference between hp (horse power) and delivery cfm (cubic feet per minute) power. Many new modern tools are driven by pneumatic energy, rather than electricity or gasoline. The compressor generates the pneumatic energy to drive those tools.

The primary size of most compressors is advertised in horse power (hp) and tank volume. This does not guarantee delivery muscle. Delivery performance is better represented in cubic feet minute (cfm), which is the true representation of a compressor's power. At pneuPower, we look beyond the standard advertising push of horsepower. True performance muscle is our accomplishment.

Pneumatic energy - cfm - drives your tools – NOT HORSE POWER.

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