The AirStation

A lightweight portable control module that allows you to regulate air pressure for your tools at the point of work. Provides the convenience of leaving the compressor and noise away from your work.

Eliminates air pressure loss in the supply line and provides the optimum compressor power to the tool. The Air Station provides three pressure regulated universal quick connects.

Recessed controls protect the unit from damage. The space age material provides you with the durability of an industrial tool.

You will appreciate the ability to daisy-chain the Air Station without any performance loss or additional compressors. (An unregulated port is provided for daisy-chaining.)The Air Station can be attached to the ReCoiler for compact storage and easy carrying. (A combined weight of 20 lbs.)


Dimensions:  19" x 15" x 7"

Material: Ultra – tough Lexan Composite

Weight: 11 lbs

Air capacity: 3.5 gallons non-corrosive cell

Operating psi: 150 psi

Pressure control: 40 through 150 psi

Safety: Pressure relief valve 150 psi


Made in the USA