CarryAir Compressor

Barely tipping the scales at 12 pounds, the new CarryAir has all the muscle and performance of a 1.5 hp compressor in a lightweight briefcase design. It comes with a revolutionary, newly designed compressor pump - driven by a 24VDC, 12 amp motor - delivering 1.5 cfm at 90 psi. CarryAir is powered by a 24VDC lithium iron battery pack capable of supplying you with 1 hour of uninterrupted air – or standard commercial AC power.

Offering the unmatched versatility of two distinct power sources, you can be productive from virtually any location - in the field or other remote location using the powerful onboard Lithium Iron battery - or in the shop, studio, home or garage simply by plugging the included power cord into any regulated 120 - 240VAC power source.

CarryAir is housed in a slick, high strength composite material briefcase measuring 18.5 x 18 x 3.75 inches. The lightest and, for its size, the most powerful compressor on the market – with rotary valve and noise reduction technology – CarryAir provides performance and flexibility unmatched by any other portable air compressor. Simply plug in your ReCoiler air hose (sold separately) and go to work.

Refined to its essential elements, CarryAir will function in virtually any environment – giving you the liberty of a quick fix-up or a total remodeling job.


1. Configuration: Briefcase construction

2. Material: High Strength Composite

3. Dimensions: 18.5" x 18" x 3.75"

4. Weight: 12 pounds

5. Shipping weight: 14 pounds

6. Motor: 24VDC 12amps with auto thermal protection

7. Power switch: With circuit breaker protection

8. Battery & line power: 24VDC / 120-240VAC

9. Lithium Iron Battery: Two pack exchangeable battery pack 45 minutes reserve each

10. Battery charger: Built in

11. Power cord: 120-240VAC included (plug adapter for 240VAC not included)

12. Maximum air pressure: 110 psi

13. Operating pressure: 90 psi

14. Noise level: 60 db

15. Air delivery: 1.5 cfm at 90 psi

16. Accumulator cell: 0.75 gallon / 2.85 liter

17. Safety: Pressure release valve

18. Moister : Auto controlled discharge

19. Monitoring: Line & Tank monitoring gauges

20. Pressure: Manual pressure regulator

21. Coupling: 1/4" MNPT Industrial quick connect

PARTS CONTENT INFORMATIONCarryAir:    USA/ ChinaParts content: 90% USA - 10% ChinaAssembly: USA/Colorado

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