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The State of the Art pneuPower ReCoiler is designed to safeguard your air hose and provide the solution to cluttered and tangled air hoses. The case is manufactured out of high strength space age Lexan composite. The efficient briefcase modular design is lightweight with a combined weight of 9 lbs (hose and case.) It is easy to handle and fitted with a removable carrying strap. The ReCoiler serpent air hose is manufactured and assembled with high quality hose bend restrictors, screw-on termination couplings and advanced polyurethane material. The hose is extruded twice as an inner and outer core. The inner core is reinforced by braiding a high-strength thread around the shell. The outer core is designed for protection with small ribs to shield the inner core from micro punctures due to chafing on abrasive surfaces such as concrete or roofing material. Special attention has been devoted to reducing the serpent hose from coiling and kinking by reducing material memory. The hose will stay flexible and not stiffen down to -60° degree F and will not warp or lose its 850 psi burst pressure muscle up to 175° F. Operating pressure is designed for up to 250 psi.

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Air Station

The pneuPower Air Station is a portable control module incorporating a high and low pressure cell that allows you to regulate air pressure for your tools at the point of work. The lexan composite material provides lightweight and durability. Recessed cavities protect the regulator, hose line universal quick connects and gauges from damage. The common air pressure loss through a long air hose supplying multiple tools has been eliminated. The Air Station provides the optimum compressor power directly to the work place. Supplying the three (3) built-in universal quick connects with reliable regulated air power. You will appreciate the ability to control your pneumatic tools air pressure and daisy-chain multiple Air Station without any performance loss or additional compressors. (An unregulated port is provided for daisy-chaining.) The Air Station can be attached to the pneuPower ReCoiler organizing your work space by providing a small foot print and for easy carrying. (A combined weight of 20 lbs.)

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pneuPower Compressor

To make the best choice when selecting a compressor, it is vital to understand present compressor technology as well as current marketing techniques. A compressor converts energy. Many of the new modern tools are driven by pneumatic energy rather than electricity or gasoline. Tools using pneumatic energy provide more power, more control, and weigh less. Industry marketing company's emphasis on horse power (hp) is misleading. Confusion is caused in the compressor industry by not distinguishing between energy consumed by the drive motor and pneumatic energy produced. The input energy (gasoline, electricity, propane) is converted by the drive motor to mechanical energy (hp) driving the compressor pump which in turn converts atmospheric gases (air) to pneumatic energy. Modern air tools require pneumatic energy to operate. The drive motor horse power is incidental. The generated pneumatic energy output calculated against the input power defines the ratio of the compressor efficiency. Pneumatic energy is driving the tool – not horse power.

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