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3-Way Industrial ReCoiler

The pneuPower 3-Way Industrial ReCoiler is a portable "air hose reel" - sold with either a 5/16" X 75 ft. or a 3/8" x 50 ft. polyurethane "Cold Flex" air hose - a hose that will not kink or stiffen even in the coldest weather. The hose rewinds into an 18.5" x 18" x 3.75" briefcase-style case constructed of high-strength composite material. This rugged case is outfitted with a 3-Way air distributor which filters and channels the compressor air to as many as three individual tools through three industrial-quality, 1/4" quick-connect couplings. Our 5/16"  polyurethane "ColdFlex" Supply Hose is lighter, more flexible and easier to handle than a standard 3/8" hose-while still delivering the necessary air to power your tools without any pressure drops. Each 3-Way Industrial ReCoiler comes equipped with a 5/16" X 75 ft. or a 3/8" x 50 ft. polyurethane "Cold Flex" air supply hose (your option) and a 1/4" x 25 ft. polyurethane "Cold Flex" tool hose. You may purchase up to two more 1/4" x 25 ft. "Cold Flex" tool hoses for only $9.99 each with your purchase of a 3-Way Industrial ReCoiler.

Available Options:

COLD FLEX HOSE: 5/16" x 100ft

COLD FLEX HOSE: 3/8" x 50ft


Configuration: Briefcase construction

Material: High Strength Composite

Dimensions: 18.5" x 18" x 3.75"

Supply Hose: 5/16" X 75ft "Cold Flex" Hose (smooth)

Supply Hose: 3/8" x 50ft "Cold Flex" Hose (smooth)

Tool Hose: 1/4" x 25ft "Cold Flex" Hose (smooth)

Weight: 10 pounds

Shipping Weight: 11 pounds

Hose Material: Polyurethane

Hose Construction: Double Walled (Braided)

Working Pressure: 250 psi (5/16" hose)

Working Pressure: 220 psi (3/8" hose)

Burst Pressure: 850 - 800 psi respectively

Distributor: 3-Way with filter and Industrial Couplings

Fittings: 1/4” MNPT Industrial Quick Connects

Temp. Rating: F -45° to +145°

Retractor: Manual Rewind

3-Way Industrial ReCoiler

5/16" Hose: Part Number ATC-504-075-516WI
3/8" Hose: Part Number ATC-503-050-38WI  

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Tool Hose

Part Number: ATC-501-025-250 (Tool hose)


$9.99 (Limit 2 – with purchase of Industrial 3-Way Recoiler!)

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3Way Industrial ReCoiler: USA / China

Parts content: 92% USA - 8% China

Assembly: USA/Colorado